They are relentless. You are the last one remaining. Survive as long as you can.


  • W/A/S/D to move
  • Left-click to attack in the direction of the mouse cursor
  • Space to teleport (once you've unlocked it)

Tools used:

  • Bfxr for sounds
  • Gimp for the background image

Source code:


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Hm, playing it again and there are no sounds. I think I remember this from another game. When I open the game from the Itch browse page it works, but when I go to the game page directly it does not. Had something to do with initializing the sounds on the right window, or something with focus. Hope it helps.

Pretty cool game! Works fluently, responsiveness is good. I like the powerups, teleport is a nice creative one. Having fun :-) Not really good at it yet, Level 10 was me highest so far. But using Teleport offensively is cool, but risky ;-)