It is the futuristic year of 2000, and you must use a square to bounce colored balls into matching score areas, because that is the fashion. Complete levels to unlock more sides with exotic effects to customize your square with!


  • WASD to move
  • scroll wheel or left and right arrow keys to rotate (full screen mode is recommended if you're using the scroll wheel so it doesn't scroll the page)
  • , and . to adjust rotation sensitivity
  • m to toggle colorblind mode

Getting a ball into a matching score area is worth 1 point. Getting a ball into a non-matching score area is worth -1 point.

Tools used:

Music by Tokarev

Source code:


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I found out how it's done by accident. Lovely concept for score hunt!

Heh, yeah there's a reason that side is the last one to be unlocked

This music is a banger!